The location of this project is in the north of Iran, Mazandaran

One of the important demands of the client in this project was to create a sense of villa and not apartment in the project so that this feeling can be felt both in the interior spaces and in the exterior of the project.

So we decided to create triangles in the project with the idea of ​​the southern mountains of the project to create this villa feeling in the project inside and outside.

In the interior, we designed some units as duplexes and triplexes, and all units have a view of the southern forest and the northern sea.

Instead of fences on all terraces, we used flower boxes to combine nature with living space.

Due to the sea breeze and the sea to the beach and the creation of natural ventilation in the project, in addition to creating natural ventilation in all units, we also created it by creating empty spaces in a vertical connection, which actually breathes through the project. By creating negative spaces, its density is reduced and it also creates sea and forest views in the vertical connection and lobbies of each floor.

By creating a green shell in the project, we coordinated it with our platform to integrate the project with our platform.



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