This project is located in Latvia

The employer of this project was two twin sisters and they asked us to design a building with two units for them so that it has one unit upstairs and one unit downstairs.

But we started the design from the fact that they are twins, so that the house, while meeting their needs, also shows in terms of external form that two twin sisters live in this building.

Twins are formed together from the embryonic period, born together and raised together.

Each of them is a separate person, but the similarity of most of them is so great that it is difficult to distinguish each of them from the other. They have a separate personality, but together they have a sense of calm and completeness.

So we started the design with this idea and decided that instead of two floors on top of each other and each being a separate unit, the two units should be next to each other next to each other, like two twin sisters standing next to each other. The two units should be adjacent to each other as neighbours and their external form should be similar to each other.

The middle space of these two buildings is formed by the middle courtyard and a tree in the center combines architecture with nature.

The curved shape of each building is formed with the idea of ​​the shape of the sisters' hair in the wind and its slope is due to the climate of the project site.

The interior space of each building is similar and the ground floor is the public space and the upper floor is the private space of the house.

The staircase connecting these two floors, while maintaining its visual view with the outside nature, has also been combined with the nature that has been designed inside the house.

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