In designing this project, we sought to create a space that makes people think

A space that fascinates human vision to the sky, a space to think about the creation and beauties of the world, a space to think about oneself and the creator of all these beauties of the world!

In the design process, we first thought of a human eye, an eye that looks at the sky and thinks of itself and all the creatures and beauties of the world!

Then, in forming the form, we acted in such a way that we have a plan with an idea from the human eye, with elements that start from the ground and move towards the sky, so that it makes observer eyes to see the sky both from outside and from inside space

In the interior space, to reach the central stillness space, one must pass through clear water to a depth of 30 cm to reach the central space, which is a space for pausing, thinking and seeing towards the sky.

At the center, the cypress tree has grown toward the sky so that it is visible from the outside as well,

From the interior space during the day, the play of light and shadow, which enters the space from side by side of the tree branches and shines on the water, creates a mystical feeling and makes man to think more.

  A volume suspended in space surrounds the tree, it makes the person a better focus on the sky.

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